Assistantship, Internships, Projects

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Graduate Assistantship with Career Services

Advising for General Engineering, College of Engineering, 2 Credits

Advising for the University Exploratory Studies Program, 4 Credits

Teaching a Recitation Section of ALS 114, Career Decision Making, for 3 Terms, 6 Credits

Campus Days Project, 1 Credit

Interning at Western Oregon University’s Student Enrichment (TRiO) Program, 4 Credits

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  1. Anne Lapour says:

    Enjoyed reading the reflection on advising in UESP. I was always astounded at how much information the counselors there had to track, in addition to forming a therapeutic relationship with students. It’s probably interesting to juxtapose that with the appointments at career services, where we had the luxury of an hour with our students. And loved reading about all those counseling microskills you put to good use!

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