Competency E

E. The Developing Professional

It is important that I am able to identify the ways in which I will continue to learn and grow when I am no longer a full-time student. This process of identification includes clearly defining my own values so that I may align my work with those values, as well as articulating my world view and grasping the ways in which my personal views and values impact my interactions when I work with others, both students and colleagues.

As a student services professional, I also find it important to give back to the body of knowledge of the field; as I learn, I have an obligation to share my learning with others in higher education. This prospect, however, is an intimidating one, and inspires doubt in my own voice or the worth of my potential contribution. It will take time working in higher education for me to feel ready to share the knowledge I gain with others, through publications or conference presentations. I look forward to continuing to learn and to explore the various disciplines that influence the work we do in student services and higher education.

The following are aspects of competency E on which I have written individual reflections. Please click on an aspect to go directly to the post:

1. Define professional development needs and interests for continued growth including opportunities for future contributions to the body of knowledge

2. Identify one’s professional values and ethics

3. Describe how one’s own world view impacts values and assumptions when working with others

4. Establish a commitment to engage in ongoing inquiry throughout one’s career or articulate the value/appreciation of ongoing inquiry and engagement

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