Competency D

D. Delivery of Student Services

All knowledge and understanding of the field is inadequate if services are inappropriately delivered. Therefore, it is important that I connect my knowledge and understanding of higher education, student populations, and student development to the implications for and impact on programming and services. The ability to design and utilize assessment and research to develop and evaluate programming is an essential skill that I strive to incorporate into my learning.

Communicating with and marketing to students also presents challenges based on technological advances and the multiplicity of students’ time commitments. Ensuring that the programming and services we provide are accessible to all and inclusive, as well as engaging with a diverse student audience, require an understanding and application of marketing strategies and universal design. In the CSSA program, I have worked to become a strong practitioner in services delivery, incorporating my knowledge into my actions. However, knowledge is limited by time and capacity, and doubt arises whenever I think, “I know how to accomplish this.” Therefore, it is important to me to continue to wonder in awe of the capacities, knowledge, and practice of my mentors, instructors, colleagues, and supervisors, and to continue to learn from all those around me, including my students.

The following are aspects of competency D on which I have written individual reflections. Please click on an aspect to go directly to the post:

1. Utilize research and assessment data to identify needs and establish learning outcomes for the development of programs and services

2. Design and implement assessment tools and interpret data to inform future programs

3. Apply knowledge of diverse audiences in the development, communication, delivery, and assessment of programs, curricula, and services

4. Identify target populations and use appropriate marketing strategies to maximize program effectiveness

5. Implement accessible and engaging programs incorporating innovative techniques and technology to meet the needs of a diverse audience

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  1. Melissa Yamamoto says:

    You are so right about the need to continue having that sense of wonder. Once we think we know, we limit our ability to be current and effective in serving the needs of our students. It may seem that change at the university takes such a long time, but changes in the student population happen very quickly.

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